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The SFPT Surf Performance Program here in San Francisco was born out of necessity. Too often, the heavy surf here at Ocean Beach and nearby Maverick’s puts local surfers on the injured list. As a result, some of the injured local surfers and Maverick’s chargers came to Simon for help.

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Wall Drill picThe goal being not only to get them back in the water as quickly as possible, but also, to have Simon implement a “movement based” training Program to help them build the kind of surf specific strength and elasticity needed to prevent common surf injuries.

The fundamental movements of surfing are essentially the same whether you’re a big wave, competitive, or recreational surfer. As a result, Simon has developed an enjoyable land based training program that engages all levels of surfers and their specific needs. The program really works because it’s designed as a progression focused on improved quality of movement (better performance), greater longevity in the water (more hours surfing), and reduced chance of injury. It even addresses regeneration and recovery for those times when the waves won’t stop, and your body is fatigued and near exhaustion.

As a result of years of working with professional surfers, and years and years of surfing around the world, Simon has figured out what movements are most important for successful surfing, and what kind of land based workouts are most effective in preparing you for your time in the water. The Surf Performance Program has surf specific components like total rotational movement and rotary power development to address the dynamic skill set needed for stable, fluid surfing. In addition to the movement based components, the program addresses elements of surfing, like mindset and nutrition, that are not as obvious, but equally important when it comes to enjoying surfing, and surfing well.

So, come on down and enjoy a great workout designed to help you enjoy the sport you love. The Surf Performance Program is inspirational. You’ve got an exceptional coach in Simon, and you’ll be working out alongside some of San Francisco’s standout surfers. In addition, the facility is ideally located less than a block from beautiful Ocean Beach in the Barra Brothers jiu jitsu studio, which is great, because the training is done barefoot on jiu jitsu mats that are meticulously cleaned every day.

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