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First Responder Training

It’s our privilege and proud honor to support first responders in the Bay Area.
For those who ‘protect our cities’ Police, Fire, Coast Guard, and US Tactical.


Eagle Fund Medical team carry runThe SFPT Tactical program was specifically built and is exclusively provided to the servicemen and women who continually risk their lives to ‘Protect our Cities’ and help others. Whether you are returning to the fight after injury
or wanting to enhance your athletic potential, our team of expert staff is continually supporting you with educational knowledge and our performance enhancing athlete system.

World-class specialists working together

The SFPT program is uniquely different to most other rehabilitation environments as it encompasses world class specialists working together as part of an integrated support team in the areas of movement, strength, nutrition, medical & rehabilitation specific to first responders.

Working towards the individual’s needs

Participants experience continual performance evaluation’s that provide specific results to devise personalized programming and integrative communication between our expert staff, all who are working towards the individuals performance needs and requests.

“Like-minded people focusing on ‘what is possible’”

The program is fundamentally built from our successful pro athlete performance model. The programs Movement based Training philosophy
 and Strength to support movement approach breaks down the environmental and personal needs of each individual allowing faster more effective use
 of time and money. Personalized Nutritional strategies are also developed
to improve the performance fueling and recovery of each client within the tactical program. 
Leading performance and technology companies support SFPT, providing the best tactical rehabilitation program in the Bay Area.

Eagle Fund Bman Prowler skiDuring rehabilitation ‘non movement based programs’ lack the integration of essential tactical performance components such as modified movement and strength sessions working harmoniously beside physiotherapy treatments.

Lack of this modified movement/Strength training leads to de-conditioning and produces a higher rate of re-injury when first responders return back to work. Our major point of difference is communication between our SFPT specialist’s, allowing injured athletes to keep training via modified movement sessions while mindful consideration of any athletic restrictions advised by our medical staff ensures progress
and safety. Due to our experience in working with elite athletes and tactical operators, we provide a holistic environment and thus provide positive motivation during rehabilitation times when otherwise this can be a lonely unknown path.

The SFPT medical & performance staff are restoring optimal movement function, reducing pain and strengthening to support those movements.

First responders can now utilize the SFPT Tactical performance & rehabilitation program via our elite specialists who provide strategies to injured or inhibited first responders.

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SFPT have previously worked with Elite US Military Tactical Athletes from thee branches of service

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