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Corporate Wellness Training

Do you want the very best training specialists in the Bay area to train your team?!


SFPT Elite staff are ready to bring your team on board and develop culture, cohesion and active lifestyles using our experiences working with professional teams, fortune 500 executives,leading corporate companies and consultancy towards group dynamics & team performance.
Our dynamic team can deliver onsite or in house training or education sessions ranging across an array of corporate specific areas.
We have the ability to bring our leading edge performance system into your workspace or nearby locations to develop health, wellness, productivity and group cohesion within your work team.

Call SFPT for a tailored package to suit your needs.

As a team leader you can provide access for your team directly to our specialist staff who have worked with elite teams and athletes around the world at the highest level.
We can provide support in areas of communication, developing team cohesion through activity, individualized nutrition programs, personal feel better programs(pain relief), weight loss & move better training sessions,workplace postural evaluations and corrective strategies to re-leave pain, reduce chronic injuries, all this equating to a fun 360 degree corporate wellness program that works.

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Simon Fathers – Director of Performance


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