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Personal Training


You now have the exclusive opportunity to work with one of the best trainers in the Bay Area – Simon Fathers (Full bio click here)

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Simon delivers  high level personal training as a part of either a small exclusive group or your very own stand alone session.

His clients also have the option to train at the Bay Areas most prestigious personal training company located in SOMA  San Francisco

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Feel free to take a virtual tour of the facility .

Powerhouse of Professionals

DIAKADI actively recruits the most results driven health practitioners and wellness experts in the industry to create a powerful knowledge  to accelerate the success of our clients.

DIAKADI strives to be exceptional in all business realms – inspiring advancement in the fitness and wellness industry, becoming a leader and developer of expert health practitioners, and providing memorable customer service to clients.

DIAKADI facility is a stylized, well designed athletic space with an energizing environment and a focus on open space, maintaining a natural feel and promoting green living.

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