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Pro Surfer Adam Melling Trains with Performance Specialist Simon Fathers

One of the World’s Top 44 Professional Surfers, Australian charger Adam Melling, has just spent time with performance specialist, Simon Fathers, preparing for the final events of the 2011 WSP season.  After his elimination in round 3 of the USA Rip Curl Pro ‘Somewhere in San Francisco’ Event, Melling wasted no time and immediately Utilized Fathers’ support and knowledge of surf specific training.  Melling underwent an intensive 8-day regime that will help Melling with the final Hawaiian based events.  Melling has been training using movement enhancing technology and Fathers training philosophy, aimed at improving individual performance. The pair have been working hard in all aspects of Mellings preparation to give him the best possible chance of success in the Hawaiian events, which will include the prestigious Pipeline Masters event on the 10th of December. Fathers speaks highly of ‘Mellings’ dedication and determination towards improving his physical performance which Fathers suggests will support Mellings ample amount of surfing skill. Fathers mentions that surfers have previously neglected to realize they are elite athletes and the recent shift in the paradigm towards performance enhancement training is great for the sport and the athletes themselves.


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