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Professional rugby player, Gold Coast Titans, National Rugby League

“As a professional athlete, it’s refreshing to have someone like Simon who is innovative and adds variety, but also works to challenge, stimulate, and bring enjoyment to our daily training schedules.  His communication skills and ability to coach, to understand and develop, is second to none.”

“I have always appreciated his precision with technical aspects, keeping us informed, updated, and on par with the latest and most effective training regimes, whether that be for rehabilitation or having us at optimum performance come game day.”

“Simon takes pride in what he does not only as a coach but as a friend.  That has always been of great value to me.  I have told Simon personally that I rate him up there as one of the best trainers I have had in my career.”


Professional rugby player, Bay of Plenty Steamers and New Zealand 7s National Team

“Simon Fathers is an awesome people person: easy going, relaxed, passionate, and hard working.  As a trainer, he knows his (stuff) and makes everything fun and competitive.  He comes up with a lot of different drills and explains both how they work and benefits of doing them, which is just what an athlete needs.”

“Simon will push you to the point where you’ll want to quit, and then go past it, all while making you want to keep going.  Don’t get fooled; he’s a nice guy, but he will push you.  He’s tough, but fair.  I wish I got more time to work with him.”


Club team rugby player, Golden Gate Rugby Club Super League

“What makes Simon a strong coach and trainer is that I can see instant results in the things that he is teaching.  Prior to working with him, I had a running coach for a few months, but I never felt the results he promised I would.  When I met Simon and he corrected my running mechanics, though, I immediately felt the difference.  What Simon says makes sense, and I’m not one to believe something right away.”


Veteran big wave contest surfer, repeat Mavericks semi-finalist

“Simon brings with him an excellent understanding of human exercise physiology.  He interviewed me to understand where my strengths and weaknesses were, to understand my injuries and contact my PTs and other instructors that have worked with me so he could develop a program around my strengths, weaknesses, and injuries.  His workouts and circuits were designed to strengthen without reinjuring.”

“His positive reinforcement throughout my training really helped me work harder.  He was never negative, using strong instructive phrases to correct me when I was doing something improperly.  He never made me feel like I was doing something wrong, just that I needed more direction.”

“His workouts were dynamic.  We identified my goals and he showed me how best to achieve them through a customized performance and conditioning training.  I never would have been able to prepare myself for this event and overcome my back injury at the same time.  My injury was making it impossible to train on my own.  His program was exactly what the doctor ordered.”


Former professional surfer; former member, New Zealand National Surf Team

“Simon showed a passion and an interest in the sport I was involved in, competitive surfing.  He really opened up another aspect to the sport for me with his training techniques in and out of the gym.  He proved himself with a high intensity of focus and determination to ensure he could make me more than just a surfer, but an athlete.”

“Simon’s personality and energy throughout the year was what was needed to get me through the long, cold wintery months leading into the summer season of competition.  I really enjoyed my time training with Simon and wish he wasn’t doing so well overseas so we could get into it all over again.”


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