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SIMON FATHERS, Head of Performance

Simon_Fathers-19Simon is a performance specialist who has worked with professional athletes from the NFL, NHL, MLB, Rugby, Rugby League, AFL, MMA, World Tour and Big Wave Surfing, Olympic Sports and the US Special Forces. Originally from New Zealand, Simon grew up on a farm, playing rugby and surfing in the South Pacific Ocean and as a result has a unique understanding of functional strength and rotational human movement.

His 15 year journey through professional sporting and elite tactical environments has resulted in global recognition for his expertise in movement training and rehabilitation where his commitment to keeping athletes motivated and energetic while executing a cutting edge strength and conditioning program. Simon consistently delivers results alongside his infectious passion and enthusiasm for training people.

Clients like working with Simon because he is a dynamic teacher who is extremely skillful at developing specific and individualized performance programs applicable to their needs. 
Due to Simons experience at the highest level he understands the dynamics of how teams/groups function both on and off the field, he has harnessed this cohesion and culture and delivers this environmental experience to his current cliental.

A major part of the successful SFPT philosophy, is recognizing and appreciating the roles each member of the coaching and medical staff

“A collaborative coaching environment where all specialists are working together while specializing in their arenas is the best approach for success.” Simon Fathers

This unique understanding, combined with his ability to communicate effectively, allows Simon to offer his clients the very best performance plan and provide a support network to his cliental within his professional and fun environment. 

SFPT currently enjoys relationships with some of the leading human performance companies.

Training Philosophy: (A word from Simon)

My coaching philosophy is based on a holistic assessment and “the cornerstone of how I approach every training goal is to keep my cliental motivated and energetic. An individual may have ample amounts of skill, but their body will not work to its highest potential if their mind is not in absolute conjunction”.

My life philosophy is based on the central foundation that the most meaningful and rewarding achievements in life are those earned through continued perseverance and integrity.  I am passionate about training individuals to reach their full potential and I believe that keeping abreast of new human performance & rehabilitation research is vital in maintaining our cutting edge training programs.  Achievement and success are two things I hold a great value for, yet the way I go about attaining these goals is more important to me, than the actual goal.  In my eyes, the only success worth having is achieved through everyday acts of integrity and treating others with a high level of professionalism and respect.

I look forward to working with you,


Josh Jirgal – Performance Coach


Josh has work extensively in High Performance Athletic programs, and brings valuable knowledge from his experience with the Oakland Raiders NFL and US Department of Defense programs . His education stems out of Appalachian State University alum holding a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in Strength and Conditioning. He is an avid 400m runner on the track.
His training philosophy is rooted in the holistic approach of athletic performance training; where mindset, movement, strength, recovery, and nutrition must all be addressed to truly optimize performance.

Josh’s certifications include NSCA-CSCS, USAW-Level 1, and Certified Parisi Speed Instructor. He currently resides in Hayward, California.

Richie Gillerne – Performance Coach

Richie Coach Pic

Coach Richie brings a wealth of unique experience to the SFPT coaching team via an extensive understanding of rotary human motion and sound training principles which he learned as an elite athlete.

His love of  Spring Board Diving and surfing diverted him from a collegiate baseball scholarship to a successful competitive career in high level competition. Through his career he gained valuable experience in the realm of rehabilitation thru his personal injuries participating in extreme sports and this has afforded Richie a great ability to train people in an authentic and genuine caring demeanor.

He currently surfs and can be found in the furthest back country ski terrain putting his physical limits to the test.

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